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10th Meeting of the technical group on '3D Analysis of Human Movement' of the

International Society of Biomechanics

Santpoort-Amsterdam, the Netherlands

October 28th - 31st, 2008

The meeting will provide a vivid platform for discussions on concepts, methods, algorithms and applications of 3D movement analysis for researchers, developers and users. The meeting will comprise a mix of plenary keynote lectures, free contributions and interactive sessions.

Meeting venue for 3DMA-'08 will be 'Duin & Kruidberg country estate' in Santpoort near Amsterdam, situated in the inspiring and serene environment of a national park of woods and dunes.

(Click here for3DMA-'08 - Fusion Works! - Invitation Leaflet)

A research field has matured

In 1991 this series of meetings was started to stimulate exchange of knowledge between the scientific and industrial community on the emerging technology of optometric 3D movement analysis. The art of 3D analysis of human movement has greatly profited from this successful 'fusion' between both communities over the first 9 meetings and matured into a well established field. Possibilities were extensively probed and limitations tested, resulting in successful practical application. Therefore 3DMA-'08 adopts the formal theme:

'Fusion Works!'

The theme equally addresses the exciting current and future challenges of merging established optometric and upcoming methods to achieve the next leap forward in 3D movement analysis.

Challenging new frontiers

Recent technological progress has encouraged the development of alternative methods based on fundamentally different technologies, e.g. smart textiles, markerless motion analysis, magnetic, inertial or ultra wide band tracking methods, and ambulatory monitoring. For these methods possibilities and limitations are fundamentally different from traditional methods. These differences hold a promise for another leap forward of the field of 3D movement analysis by fusing the best of both worlds of established and upcoming methods. New levels will be reached in accuracy and in possible areas and scale of application. Again exciting times have arrived for both scientists and developers…


The organizers are looking forward to meet you all at 3DMA-'08 in Santpoort for a successful continuation of the 'fusion of minds' between science and industry into the challenging decade ahead!!


Chris T.M. Baten

President ISB Technical Section on '3D Analysis of Human Movement'

Chair 3DMA-'08